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So today I thought I would tell you all about my life story, but I figured I would wait a little longer to spill the beans on my life. Today I do want to talk about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I want to talk about it because it is the most current and most important thing I am doing in my life. Have you ever heard of FPU?

If not, I am going to tell you in hopes that you will do some further research and join this journey I am on of getting out of debt, saving money, building wealth and giving like no other.


“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” -Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey started out as a young real estate investor. The bank he got loans through was sold to a bigger bank and the bank demanded to be paid immediately. Unfortunately, Dave could not make these repayments and had to file bankruptcy. This was eye opening for Dave and this is how we got his plan to financial freedom. It’s very simple and it’s not some elaborate scheme.

Step one: Get a $1,000 emergency fund, if your household income is less than $20,000 then you should have an emergency fund of $500. My husband and I did this in two months the first time around. What happened to our emergency fund? What do I mean by first time around? Well, max and I had a budget, saved and got our emergency fund. No kidding, two weeks later both our car and truck broke down. Anything bad that can happen will happen. Shortly after the series of unfortunate events we have our emergency fund back.

Now we are on baby step 2. Baby step 2 is; pay off debt with the snowball method. This means to pay off your smallest debt first and move up to your larger debts until they are gone. This is probably the hardest thing to do because I know how much debt I have and I know it’s going to take awhile. With this method and our nice budget, max and I are going to be able to pay off three balances in three months. Which is insane to me. The total we will pay off in three months is $2,182 and that is three bills gone.

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We are not able to do this with just a budget, it requires discipline and a change. A change of old habits of buying that coffee, going out to dinner, stopping for fast food, etc. It requires a real change and a lot of self-discipline. Oh yeah, and a verbal commitment to stop borrowing money from creditors. That is why the emergency fund is so handy.

Now, this isn’t the best lesson of Financial Peace University, I highly recommend you ordering the books and learning this all for yourself. It’s important to learn it and love it. My goal is to be debt free in two years time, it sounds like a long time, I know. To be open in honest with you I have 64G in debt consisting of student loans, car loans, credit card, medical bills, and a couch we financed. You know, the usual. I am a normal person, but what is separating me from everyone else is that I am choosing to make the change early on in life and not blaming my circumstances. Anyone can do that.

Now that you know a brief history of Dave Ramsey and what step to start with to get out of debt, are you going to be joining me on my journey? If you are not, why not? It is totally up to you. I hope to bring you along this debt free journey and to share what I learn with you. Don’t watch me become a millionaire, be a millionaire with me! Below is the app you need to download to get your everydollar budget set up. It is a free app, so what is stopping you? Linked below will be the website to get started with Financial Peace University.

Financial Peace University



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Thanks for joining me!

“Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1 Corithians 15:33

Hey everyone, If you are reading this, thanks for stopping by! My name is Cheyenne and I am a young gal with considerable life experiences despite my young age. If I have anyone here who thinks “Yeah right, how could a 21-year-old even think she knows what she’s talking about.” Well, you aren’t totally wrong, I don’t always know what I am talking about, but I have experienced a lot of crap. The good the bad and the ugly. This is my very first blog and blog post, YAY! I don’t really know why I am writing here yet, I think I just need a space to let my thoughts flow and maybe help a few youngsters like myself on the way.

A little more about me. I have two boys, my first, Colt is three years old and the other one is in the womb. I am 21 weeks today with the little squid. The loves of my life are all my boys, the only one missing is my husband, Max. Max is in the US military and he is also 21. (I am aware that we are “so young”). We love our life and everything in it, we have been very blessed by God. We have a beautiful family and a beautiful life despite the hard times and everything else that comes with this crazy life.


As you all know there are no cheat codes to life, I’m sure there are many cheat codes out there for other things, but I haven’t come across a guide to life yet.  I think my main focus is going to be spouting out some advice and some of my knowledge to help you guys along the way. If you don’t want my advice, that is just fine, but follow along anyway because  I hope I have something to offer to everyone. A couple things I will cover here is food, family, finance, friendship, God and many other things. I promise to be open and honest, does my blog name make sense? I hope so, NotSoSecret is my blogs name because nothing to life should be a secret and I want to help anyone who feels stuck in their situation.


If you are still with me, great. I appreciate you being here and I hope to start recognizing some familiar names and faces here. Let me know who you are in the comments and follow along with my journey. I would love to follow yours.

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